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It’s not my work. It’s my passion.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

What can My Exceptional Coach do to help me?

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Frequently asked questions

NLP stands for neuro linguistic programming (simply, it is the modelling of excellence and using language and psychology to create and install strategies that are helpful to your performance). A practitioner is someone who practices, and a master practitioner means that I have advanced learning, studying and have a deeper knowledge of NLP.

I call myself a coach, as I don’t tell you how to do your job, or how to run your business.

No? Well what do you do then? I enable you to do your job better, run the company better and to gain more enjoyment from it, thus you improve the performance of the company, make more money, become more successful and we all go home happier. Hopefully you also take some of the learnings and pass it down or across so the butterfly effect of unlocking potential resonates through your company, multiplying the positives.

Just by talking to me? It’s a bit more than just talking to you, and actually you do most of the talking, I ask questions, listen and respond, we then create actions for you to go off and use and implement.

Homework! Yes, you’ll have homework, but nothing that would be taxing or distract you from your job, it will all benefit you, your company and peers. Plus it should be enjoyable, I’m not a slave driver, (maybe occasionally in my spare time).

No, most certainly not, the beauty of coaching is that it is personal to every client and company. Absolutely tailored. Different needs, goals, ambitions, reasons for embarking on the journey. Some companies work with me to conduct training, communication, sales, customer service. Mainly I work with executive level people and their teams on a one to one basis, but group sessions can be incredibly useful as well. Some companies use me as a sounding board, a neutral person to listen, summarise and enable them to gain clarity. I can also facilitate in difficult situations where communication may have broken down, or there is a standoff, perhaps a discord between people or teams and performance is suffering. So many uses for me, so many ways that by working together positive impacts happen, on you, your people, life and your company.

Absolutely, I coach clients from owners and executive boards through to people who are starting their career with a company. I prefer to start at the top level so that as we move through the company the messages are consistent and the values added are visible. Start at the bottom level or even mid tier and the company principles, plans and strategies might be misaligned.

Very good question, I’ve discussed this at length with my network, I can do glossy brochures if you want, I could have a very swanky website, but that’s not what makes me better than others. I am direct, honest, solution focussed, passionate, no nonsense and easy to talk to. My time is incredibly precious, so I can only assume this is the same for my client, therefore we maximise the most from every session. In order for you to decide if I am right for you and your company, then I suggest meeting face to face. Any professional should be able to write up reports and proposals, which I’m happy to do, but that’s not going to add value to your business. What you need to know is that you can work closely with me, trust me, feel comfortable with me and ultimately that time spent with me will make a difference to your bottom line and hopefully increase your enjoyment whilst we’re at it. It’s the spending time with me, with purpose and focus that will add value to your business so let’s start with that shall we?

Not always, it’s a preference, there’s less places to hide face to face, it’s imperative that we both have focus during the session, the more you put in, the more you get out and the faster you can get on (you can’t text under the table when I’m in the room with you, yes I’m talking to you, Mr or Ms C-level, and don’t pretend you don’t do it).  With that said,  there are times when a phone session, or Skype session will be necessary and they can also be incredibly valuable when used at the right time

I’m based in the West Midlands and happy to travel up to 2.5hrs, that covers Manchester, Oxford, London, Nottingham, Birmingham (obviously), Leeds at a push, Bristol, Reading, Swindon, and all in between.

The size is not important, and in this case it’s the truth, so I don’t mind if you are sole trader, or Richard Branson. The moral compass is important, I don’t work with companies who don’t value their people, employees or customers. It is imperative that my clients want some form of change, they may not know what that looks like yet but we can work on that. As I said earlier, my time is incredibly precious and I assume that my clients time is too, so therefore I will only take on clients who will benefit. In my line of work the quality of relationship is crucial to success, see this article about executive coaching. The best way to see if we have the business click, is to meet, talk and go from there.

Focus, change, succeed with My Exceptional Coach

Business coach, change coach, executive coach, performance coach, which one do you need? What is the difference? Where do you start? All these things are just titles, a business coach will enable you to make the changes in your business, and in yourself to increase performance. A performance coach will empower you to perform better by enabling you to make the changes either in yourself, your business or both. A change coach facilitates you to identify and make the changes for you and your business to perform better. An Executive coach works with Executives and gives them additional capacity to make the changes to increase performance. Can you see a theme here? Hopefully, you will be able to tell all these titles represent the the same coach. Through this website you can see my history, get a feeling for what is on offer and how coaching with “My Exceptional Coach” will benefit you and your business. I am here for you, to give you the space and time without judgement to work through obstacles, find opportunities and consider solutions so that you can get the most from your life and work.

When was the last time you had an hour dedicated purely for you and your needs, your business needs, without interruption, without demands and without judgement? As a Leader, Owner, Director, Executive or Line Manager you probably have umpteen people vying for your attention at any one moment, home life can also have its challenges and demands that may not give the space or time to process the days trials.

How would it feel if you had someone who was there with you, solely for you to get the answer and solutions that would make work or life easier and better? That is what I do, it’s what I am, I’m a listener, a sounding board, a confidante, a devils advocate, an enabler, a facilitator, a coach. Clients report that after our sessions they have a clear action plan, feeling lighter, feeling more positive, more focused, rejuvenated and excited to start on the next chapter.

At the top it is lonely, you feel like you can’t share concerns or problems with the management, perhaps there are items you don’t want to discuss with the board because you believe that might devalue their perception of you, perhaps you just need some time for you to focus, clarify and create solutions but for some reason this isn’t happening by yourself, well not to the level you want anyway.

If you want a coach to blow smoke and tell you how great you are, then that’s not me, neither am I going to come in and tell you what’s wrong with your business, I’m also not going to listen to you or anyone else whinge without purpose, its imperative to understand the issue but lets not wallow around in self pity for too long, time is too precious not to resolve and move forwards. My role is to enable, empower and facilitate you to have the time and space to make the best decisions for you, your business, work and life, this involves commitment, honesty and the desire to change. Actions speak louder than words and I will expect you to follow through with the work. I will be direct, I will make the sessions enjoyable, if not sometimes a little painful too.

If you’re still reading you’ll want to know the next step, pick up the phone, call me and we can discuss how someone like me could be of benefit to you and your business and life success.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
Jessica Schlupp-TaylorNLP Master Practitioner and Coach
“A strong supportive friendly person who will be honest yet kind to help you along the right path”

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