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Are you here because you know you are capable of more or better, or perhaps one of your executives could be more or better?

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor
NLP Master Practitioner and Coach

Often business coaching begins with a top level person, a person who has achieved success and yet wants more, more success, achievement, money, happiness, work life balance, and so the list goes on. Very quickly that person recognises the value added to the business by working with a coach and they set up sessions with the senior management team, value is identified and then I work on the people with potential who might be slightly lower in the company. If I can be valuable to someone who is already successful and has performed highly without me, then imagine what could be achieved when you also invest in those people nearer the start of their careers. The value added is multiplied the earlier in someone’s career, it’s also multiplied the greater the influence that person has.

I am a true believer in the value of investing in your and your employees mental health, as the positive repercussions can be felt not only on an individual level but across the company. It is impossible to separate mental health from work, and many times I would be having a coaching session with an MD, CEO, Manager or employee and it would become apparent very quickly that work wasn’t the issue but sleep, anxiety, stress, coping mechanisms where not adding value, and in fact were detracting from performance. My ability to switch between Coach and therapist means that there is no stigma to the appointments, every appointment is turned into a development session and people leave sessions stronger, with action points to move forward and improve performance and productivity, whether that be in work or in personal life which will still have a beneficial impact upon work.

Whether you are at the top and a major influencer in your business or whether you have been identified as a potential leader of the future, you surely want to maximise the impact, success and profits. If time with me enabled you to be more efficient, happier, make more money, encourage a better work place, and get more out of work that you do now, what would that be worth? What would “more” feel like? If picking up the phone led to a more productive you, what impact would that have on the bottom line? What if you could be 10% more productive? 20% more productive? What if you could get your team to be more productive? What is the value add to your business?

Investing in people is a term that is banded around a lot, but other than the salary how much investment do you have in you? Investment in people is not about how much you pay them, it’s about enabling them to get the most out of their jobs, both in terms of ability, performance but also enjoyment. This makes big differences to your bottom line so why aren’t you investing in you?  Pick up the phone or fill in the contact form to arrange a meeting with me so you explore this opportunity?

There’s a reason you are on this page, a reason you’ve visited this website. Perhaps you’re interested in how a business coach could either benefit you, your team, and your company. Perhaps you’ve met me, or been given my business card and are intrigued to know more. Perhaps you’re wondering what NLP is? What does being a NLP Master Practitioner mean and how could working with me enhance your performance, the performance of your team and your company? Well don’t stop here, read on, there’s plenty of good stuff to come.

I should point out that I’m not hiding any hidden messages in this website, it will be completely up to you if you want to improve your performance, increase your enjoyment of work, get more from your career, get more focus, gain confidence, and achieve your goals. If you don’t want these things then stop reading now, don’t waste any more time and crack on with staying at the level you are at, moving in the same direction as before at the same speed as before.

However if you’re not happy with steady, you want to change direction, change velocity, change trajectory either with yourself or your business then read on.

Remember you are responsible for your outcomes and how you get there but utilising a business coach, namely me, enables you to gain clarity, improve focus, increase performance and boost success in the world of work. Of course you want to find out more, probably even worth a meeting, you’re not stupid, there’s no point writing something off that could have such a positive impact and be so enjoyable that you should finish each session thinking, “why didn’t I do this earlier? Imagine where I’d be if I’d worked with Jess before”. You have found me now so don’t waste another minute. Hit the button below to contact me, or call me to organise a meeting.

You can change your future by changing your attitude.

Jessica Schlupp-Taylor