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Is your business neglecting the one area that can have the biggest impact on performance? Stop, think and get a Head Start!

Employee wellbeing is not fluffy, it is what can give your business the head start, get better results from you and your employees by creating the elite mindset. It is a bout looking after you and your work force for the benefit for everyone. As a business coach who also works as a therapist I understand the need for goals and action, I believe that having outcomes and using time effectively is important and although I  am an advocate for talking and listening I also believe that our time should be spent with purpose for the positive.

In any business, for any individual there is an area of development that is often neglected. This is not marketing, or understanding the latest technology, perhaps even a new qualification in project management, a course on integration. No, it is the health of our minds. It is nothing new to know that our head and how it works has a far reaching impact upon our performance at work. It is also well documented that whilst employers may wish their employees leave their home life at the door this isn’t possible either. Yet how many companies actually invest anything into looking after and developing the mindset and head health of themselves and their people?

Perhaps your business offers a phone number of a counsellor as part of a health care scheme? Perhaps you encourage employees to take a break at lunch time instead of sitting at their desks? Perhaps your managers do regular check ins with the staff for performance assessments and 360 degree feedback? Perhaps you encourage physical activity or even the practice of mindfulness? These are all good things and all can and will have a positive impact, but could you do more? Could you and your employees be more?

The answer is yes, yes, yes!

  • Happier employees
  • Increased motivation workforce
  • Increased employee wellbeing
  • Improved mental heath within the business
  • Increased employee performance
  • Decreased sick days
  • Increased profit and productivity
  • Improved attitudes
  • Improved staff retention
  • Access to an action orientated therapist who understands business and results
  • A safe and accessible point of contact
  • No stigma or label
  • Opportunity to improve and work on themselves
  • Improve performance
  • Deal with issues before they impact work or home life
  • Non judgemental therapist who works with them to get the results that are needed
  • Saves them time off work
  • Reduced sick days
  • Better health
  • Increased enjoyment
  • better mindset and outlook
  • Increased motivation
  • 121 coach sessions
  • 121 therapy sessions
  • Hypnotherapy sessions
  • Group mindfulness and relaxation sessions
  • Group communication sessions
  • Life coach sessions: resolve personal issues around money, goals, relationships
  • Stress and anxiety management sessions
  • Overcoming fear: such as public speaking
  • Increased Resilience
  • Increased Motivation
  • Increased Confidence
  • Dealing with loss and grief of loved ones, jobs, relationships, health
  • Health: smoking cessation, weight management, chronic pain hypnotherapy
  • Sleep therapy
  • Employee relations and mediation

This aspect of my offering has come about because businesses are asking for help and want to look after their employees, from a selfish business performance point of view but also because they actually care about employee wellbeing.

As well as business coaching I am also a therapist, and clinical hypnotherapist that deals with individual therapy, life coaching, stress and anxiety management, sleep therapy, weight management, smoking cessation, loss and bereavement, not to mention any sort of change in general. Confidence, motivation and performance work. please see All these areas impact peoples performance and ability to work, time off sick, attitude, behaviour and motivation. Speaking with CEO’s and business leaders as well as HR functions there is a gap where support is lacking. If one person has a day off sick, it is not just that loss of production, it could be the cost of getting in a temp, or the impact on other peoples diaries and work loads. Break down the cost of sickness to a company and it really adds up to much more that that 1  persons salary for the day. Add to the cost of having employees whose minds aren’t n the job, or an under performing sales person, or distracted managers, replacing unhappy staff, suddenly you can see why it is so much cheaper, cost effective and better to address and get people the support before it gets to costly. Imagine if your staff that were performing didn’t get burned out, perhaps your brilliant leader who is constantly balancing life and work and family with sanity and you are just hoping they’ll carry on and not fall down. Perhaps you have some people with serious illness in your company and you want to be able to support them more? Whatever it is, call me or fill in the contact form to arrange a coffee and talk through how I could work with you and your business. Get ahead! Put your business

Companies can now choose to have a day, where I come and work in your business, or at a location close to your business for a day regularly, either a weekly, a fortnightly or monthly where your employees can self refer and book sessions, or their managers can also book employees in for a session. These can be for coaching work, or for therapy, all it means when someone refers or is referred is that they are keen to improve themselves and for that there is never a stigma. It is all strictly confidential unless the employee wants to share information. The benefit for the employee is that there is help that is easily accessible, safe, confidential and will help them to get through and create the change. For the employer they will have a happier work force, higher retention rates, better performance, a happier work force amongst many others that will directly and indirectly impact the bottom line. Plus the directors also use the service to vent, to recharge, to regain focus.

People can come for whatever reason, they may be in sales and feel demotivated, or like their confidence is lost, they may work in a high stress job and come for a 30 minute hypnotherapy session to recharge their batteries and give them a boost of energy, they may want to quit smoking, lose weight, overcome a fear of public speaking, perhaps work on communication issues. All these things and more can be addressed. If I came into your work for a day, who would benefit from a session to work through current issues?