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Golden circle


Find your Why, Golden Circle, Increase your GRIT, DRIVE, motivation, inspiration, resilience, stoicism and other business buzz word bingo words.    All those popular phrases and acronyms doing the rounds on TED talks, can be covered during your coaching sessions. We build on weaknesses, learn how to harness strengths, increase resilience and my word which I’ve been using since 2004 is “bouncebackability” (I stole from soccer AM, Sky, Tim Lovejoy and used regularly for when I was recruiting sales people, they must demonstrate “bouncebackability). We find what really motivates and grabs you, we look at how to reframe from a [...]

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Increased power and respect


Power in the board room, respect within the business, respect amongst your peers, from your team members. The ability to stand tall, push yourself forward and own your decisions with confidence. Clients will be much more aware and be able to determine why they are putting ideas forward, have started new initiatives, changed behaviours, changed processes and justify those changes. With increased clarity, focus and success it is much easier to lead people, move forwards and create change to embrace a positive future. You will find your why and be able to inspire others more readily. How often does a [...]

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Strength and confidence


An effective business coach will build your confidence. A true coach doesn’t advise or tell you which solutions are right. A business coach is not a business advisor. We work together in order for the client to explore, consider, test and choose in a logical manner the right decisions and solutions. The client reaches their own conclusions, decide on the actions, implements and follows though, therefore the success is owned by the client. Increasing success, confidence and gaining strength both in oneself but also within the eyes of the business. Book a session You [...]

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Non Judgemental


When brainstorming, problem solving, solution finding, with peers there can be an undercurrent of judgement which can stifle creativity and opportunities. Working with a business coach there is no judgement, we will laugh at ourselves, think generously and flexibly to make the impossible possible and explore the unimaginable to reach the best solutions, overcome the insurmountable and reach the highest heights. Book a session You can change your future by changing your attitude. Jessica Schlupp-Taylor Practitioner

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Sharing the day to day problems and obstacles with people internally can be difficult to achieve neutrality. Everyone internally no matter how hard they try will always have their own agenda that will interfere. Using a qualified and suitable business coach provides you with the neutrality, the and the impartiality to uncover options and choose the best goals, actions for you and your business. Book a session You can change your future by changing your attitude. Jessica Schlupp-Taylor Practitioner

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It can be lonely at the top, often executives feel challenges can’t be shared with either board members or peers due to possible judgement or repercussions and so they find themselves working through issues alone and not always in the most effective or successful way. Having a business coach that you have good rapport with gives the knowledge that you have someone in your corner that is there to listen, give you space and time to work through your needs. Book a session You can change your future by changing your attitude. Jessica Schlupp-Taylor [...]

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